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I have been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years as a personal trainer, sports therapist and Pilates/stretch Instructor.  Having left University with a degree in Marketing Management, I followed my passion for Health and Fitness by gaining a Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Therapy, and followed this with STOTT Pilates and Pure Stretch.  

With my background knowledge in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, I also worked in a Physiotherapy clinic.  Helping people with injuries and physical disabilities has been valuable experience towards my role as a Fitness Professional, mainly highlighting the importance and effectiveness of core strength.  It not only helps body stabilisation, rebalance and realignment, but also posture, strength and overall boosting self-esteem.

More recently I have been working with golfers at all levels and ages.  And naturally, in this sport the main focus is to sustain or/and improve a “golfers swing” so once again those highlighted areas of core and mobility are vital.   

What makes my job so rewarding is seeing results in so many different ways amongst my client, whether that is to simply stay healthy and keep body fats levels to a minimal, to also improve fitness, and to help those excel their performance in a particular sport.

FIT TO THE CORE is currently located around Berkshire and Oxfordshire only.


Home fitness training and Pilates in your own home. Tailored to suit your age, ability and fitness level.


A range of friendly group classes with fixed times and days (see class schedule for times and days)



  • Home fitness training and/or Pilates stretch in 'your own home'

  • For absolutely anybody or any age and any fitness level

  • We can bring equipment to you so there is no need to have anything

  • We try to work around 'your' schedule to make 'your' fitness time more of a convenience 

  • We also run group classes with fixed times and days (see class schedule for times and days)

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